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More than 60 experts and authorities from different countries met on June 2, 3 and 4, 2016 at the “IV International Seminar on Sustainable Management of Waste and its Valuation in Latin America and the Caribbean“, an activity organized by the company Intermunicipal EMERES, the Association of Metropolitan South Municipalities (MSUR), the Ministry of Environment and the Metropolitan Technological University (UTEM).
The meeting brought together more than 350 people, mainly municipal officials in charge of environmental management in their communes, academics from various universities and professionals from NGOs and companies related to the subject.
In charge of inaugurating the seminar was the Mayor of San Joaquín, president of the intermunicipal company EMERES and the Association of Municipalities MSUR, Sergio Echeverría.

Uruguay hosted the Third International Seminar on “Waste management models in Latin American cities”, between March 19 and 21. The objective was to exchange experiences and present good practices in waste management, within the framework of a paradigm shift that focuses on its revaluation and minimization.

The seminar organized by the Latin American Waste Management Network (RELAGRES) and the Intendencia de Montevideo (IM), was sponsored by the Ministry of Housing, Territorial Planning and the Environment (MVOTMA). Underwriting Secretary Jorge Rucks said during the opening ceremony that “the issue of waste is a national issue”, which requires a deep articulation of the three levels of government: national, departmental and local.

The first International Seminar on Waste Management, convened by EMERES, was successfully completed in 2013.
The Seminar was held between June 5 and 7 at the University of Santiago. Participated Directors of Environment, Cleaning and Ornament of the Municipalities of the country; Heads of Planning and Regional Councilors, who were able to learn about international experiences in the management of household waste.

Among the topics developed, the attendees were able to listen and participate in presentations on existing legislation and corrections needed to give answers to this topic; What the private sector is doing in innovation and integral and environmentally friendly solutions; Recycling and recovery of waste, and allowed to know public policies of Chile and abroad related to waste management.
Representatives from France, Spain, Brazil and China, will be able to share from different perspectives the successful practices applied in waste management.

The objective of the Seminar was to create, for the first time in the history of the continent, a Latin American Network for Solid Waste Management (RELAGRES) capable of considering and implementing, according to the context, successful experiences at international level in order to influence The use of resources, the diversification of energy sources and the conservation of the environment through the exchange of information for decision-making and the implementation of public policies.

The seminar program was composed of international experts, representatives of federal and municipal governments, as well as agencies and civil organizations from the Americas, Europe, Asia and Oceania. In addition to the presentations, round tables were held with distinguished members of academic institutions, mayors and representatives of the Latin American government, as well as the participation of other international special guests and related Secretariats of the Government of Mexico City, in addition to SEMARNAT.