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Mónica Fein, Mayor of Rosario, Argentina

“We have tried to be one step ahead, betting on innovation and looking for solutions. The introduction of modernized collection services has resulted in a profound change in the panorama of the city”.

Ricardo Bertolino, Executive Director of the Argentine Network of Municipalities in the face of Climate Change (RAMCC)

“The global climate change agenda affects the local management of waste in Argentina”

Some data…


Percentage of municipalities with solid waste management plans


The regional average of collection coverage of RSU.


The coverage of the final disposal service (in landfills) of RSU.


Estimation of RSU in which it is recycled within formal schemes.

Average collection unit costs estimated in USD per tonne harvested.

Average cost of final disposal in USD per metric ton

Occupied in the informal sector, through urban recyclers



Diagnosis and context of waste management in the world

Technological, economic and social challenges

Challenges, opportunities and public-private collaboration

Latin American and European Experiences